Celebrating 2 years in business!

2015 was a great year at kokopelli beer company

After a year of getting our feet under us, we hit our stride in 2015.  Our pals from the 9news Morning Crew came out and brewed with us, we had several new brews hit the rotation, and we even collected some awards.  We can't thank our patrons enough!  Without your wonderful, and repeated support we would not be where we are today.  Here's a glimpse into our Anniversary Weekend Party...

To celebrate, we bottled and wax-sealed our anniversary beers!

Our Kokopelli Team grew in numbers and strength this year, helping us become the fun establishment we are today.

We love our employees!

We love our patrons!

Members of our festival team helping us celebrate

Brewery friends who stopped in to show their support

Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend so memorable!  Here's to many more!